Canapé menu

Ceviche sea bass with fresh mango

Fresh guacamole with confit cherry tomato

Beef fillet tartar, charred shallot and chipotle mayonnaise

Roasted Aubergine and Pickled Radish and chives

(All served on home made tortilla chips)



All Tacos (choose up to 4)

8 hour braised brisket with fresh pineapple

Crispy confit pork Shoulder with mojo salsa verde

Smoky chipotle chicken with pickled red onions

Cauliflower with pickled grapes (Vg)

Roasted squash with salsa macha (N) (Vg)

Mushroom and pickled onions (Vg)

All tacos are Gluten free and come with pico de gallo and salsa Rojo.




Squash roasted in agave syrup with feta & toasted sunflower seeds

White cabbage, radish and herb salad with a citrus vinaigrette

Pinto beans, chickpea and lentils marinaded in lime & coriander

(All sides are Vegan with the exception of feta cheese which is optional)




Dark chocolate brownie with Fresh strawberry’s

Toasted corn panna cotta with Corn Brittle

Vegan chocolate mousse with popped corn (Vg)